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As one of the top Lounge, Instrumental, and Wedding guitarists in Australia, Elio knows that your wedding should be one of the most special days of you and your new partner’s lives. Elio can craft a set of songs to match the mood and feel of almost any wedding. Elio will work with you to prepare the mood-setting music before the wedding ceremony starts, the background notes of the wedding ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the wedding reception itself. As a lounge and ambient guitarist, he brings a wide and varied repertoire of songs to your momentous event. After the cake has been cut, Elio can even break out some Spanish salsa or flamenco-infused music to get your guests dancing.

When you’re planning your wedding music, you don’t want just any old DJ. A wedding should be about the entire experience, from beginning to end. Every piece should be perfect. Having a live instrumentalist in the room elevates your wedding to new levels. Not only will your guests hear premium Latin instrumental, ambient, and lounge music, but they’ll also hear it from one of the best in the entire country. Elio’s instrumental grooves and contemporary Latin songs provide a mix to make any night memorable for you and your guests. You’ll be saying “I do” to Elio’s sweet tunes in no time!

When you’re celebrating your first, your fifth, your fiftieth wedding anniversary, you’ll want to remember as much as you can about that day that you dedicated your life to your loved one. With music such a big part of everyone’s lives, why not ensure that you’ll remember the Latin classics and lounge tunes of Elio, too?

Not ready for a wedding? Adelaide, Australia’s own Elio can be there as you propose! Start your future life off on the right foot with great Latin instrumental guitar music and memories to last a lifetime. What better way to start the rest of your life than showing your future partner that you’re willing to give them their own soundtrack?

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