Corporate live Instrumental Guitar music Australia


Adelaide, Australia’s own Elio, the master of live Latin instrumental guitar and Latin lounge music, makes the perfect choice for all corporate events. Elio brings years of Latin instrumental guitar and performance experience to his shows, providing non-intrusive background music, allows your employees to converse and mingle in a relaxing and entertaining environment.

With over 500 clients (and 200 venues) under his belt—including international companies such as Hewlitt Packard, Century 21 Real Estate, Hilton International, and Adelaide Casino—Elio’s experience speaks volumes. Basically, he’s the CEO of music for corporate events. He’s performed at exhibitions, conferences, and other types of corporate events, developing a strong understanding of the perfect tunes for the events. Never worry that your clients’ and employees’ productivity or entertainment will dip when Elio straps on his guitar.

With any corporate event, you want a musician who can provide the optimal amount of energy, atmosphere and if preferred, discretion. As one of Australia’s top ambient, classical, lounge, and Latin classical guitarists, Elio brings the experience necessary to complement any event. When your company is the best, you’ll want the best entertainment on the market and by choosing Elio for all your musical needs, you’re guaranteed the best.

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