Birthday Live Instrumental Guitar Music Australia


Elio, Adelaide, Australia’s top Latin instrumental and classical guitarist, can provide a special soundtrack to your memorable day. Getting older doesn’t have to be the worst part of your year. Instead, make it the best and remember your birthday party long after the candles have been blown out! Starting off with mellow instrumental guitar, Elio can then serve up a healthy portion of Latin grooves and lively, up-tempo tunes to match any mood.

Birthday parties are milestones, signs of achievement that you share with friends and loved ones. Make sure that everyone who comes to celebrate your birthday enjoys their time by providing a mix of top-quality ambient, lounge, Latin contemporary, and pop cover songs provided by one of the best in Australia. Elio’s flamenco music background also adds a little extra flair to his performances—he knows the grooves to get people dancing when the mood strikes. Not only that, but Elio’s tunes are sweeter than cake and have one hundred-percent fewer calories, so there is nothing stopping you from double the sweetness and double the fun at your next birthday party!

Unsure of what sort of music you want at your birthday party? Elio’s repertoire crosses genres and decades, allowing for almost anything. His skill on the strings allows him to meet most needs and wants for birthday parties. Pop song covers? You’ve got it. Flamenco-infused classical Spanish songs? Of course. Down-tempo chill ambient grooves? You’ll get the best of all worlds from Elio.

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